23 years!Fu Heng focused on new materials modified plastics industry! Chinese

Fuheng’s talent concept includes three levels:

  • Fuheng’s talent standard:upright, vigorous, intelligent, good at motivation, decisive and executive.

    What is a talent? In Fuheng, a talent means a person with honesty and faith , a person with enthusiasm and vigour, a person with ideas and idea and an intelligent person who is good at motivating others and himself/herself, and strongly decisive and executive.

  • Fuheng’s talent ability view: Ability precedes education/qualification and learning initiative prevails over ability.

    Although education/qualification is very important, it merely represents a period previously; in Fuheng, we require our staff to have increasing strength. That’s ability. Learning initiative can help you obtain abilities and is also an attitude, a skill and a method. Fuheng appreciate those learning continuously with clever methods to improve themselves.

  • Fuheng’s talent employment idea: Performance is everything.

    We stress process but we lay more emphasis on result! Everything has many processes possibly, but only one result. Salary increase and promotion are not up to the boss, but depend on the staff.